EbA Tools Navigator

Image credit: Lukas on Pexels.com

About the EbA Tools Navigator

The EbA Tools Navigator, developed by partners IIEDUNEP-WCMCIUCN and GIZ compiles tools and methodologies on EbA to support practitioners and policymakers effectively implement and integrate EbA into climate adaptation planning.

The navigator is a searchable database of tools and methods relevant to EbA, providing practical information about more than 240 tools, methodologies and guidance documents. The tools featured cover an array of topics, including planning and assessments, implementation and valuation, monitoring and mainstreaming. 

It has been designed to help users find the most appropriate tools and methods to support their work and put them into practice. Detailed information is provided about each tool and how to apply it. Users can also add information about new tools not yet included, as well as their own experiences in applying particular tools for EbA. 

Members of the FEBA provided valuable review and feedback on early versions of the Navigator.