FEBA Annual Newsletter

Market place at the 5th EbA Knowledge Day. Photo: Kolja Matzke/Matzke Foto for GIZ
Scaling Up Mountain EbA Workshop. Photo: IUCN

Each year, FEBA produces an newsletter to showcase the incredible breadth of EbA activities of FEBA and its members during the previous year, well as key planned events, publications, and projects in the coming year. These newsletters serve a comprehensive repository on EbA activities by the 80+ member organisations of FEBA and inform media and civil society to promote ecosystem-based approaches for enhancing human resilience.

Download the FEBA newsletters to keep up with the many activities of the FEBA network and learn about EbA activities, events, publications, and projects.

Please contact us with any questions or to add inputs to a current or upcoming edition of the FEBA newsletter.